Gas Plumber Melbourne

How Does Gas Plumbing Work?

Although becoming less and less popular as the years go by, gas plumbing is still used by thousands of Melbournians. Modern alternatives like those provided by electrical equivalents are typically featured within newer home constructions, but that doesn’t rule out gas entirely as it can be much cheaper to run and far easier to maintain.

Gas Plumbing Repair

As you might expect, gas plumbing should only be undertaken by an expert plumber, but how does the installation process work exactly?

Connecting to a source of gas

The first thing that a gas plumbing service will do is to locate the nearest source of gas. This will typically be externally and can be tapped into via secure access points. With the source established, it’s a case of installing the relevant pipework to lead from the origin, all the way back into the home.

Can all homes feature gas pipes?

Yes – all homes can. Underground gas pipes are everywhere; under roads and pavements, as well as parks and fields. Once established they are responsible for transferring gas to homes, offices and industrial premises alike, so homes can certainly benefit from them, too. As long as connectivity can be achieved, old and new properties alike can benefit from gas lines.

Are gas lines easy to maintain?

Most lines will be the responsibility of local government authorities and so they will typically take care of any maintenance and servicing. This is why we see contractors performing pipe extractions and fittings every now and then – because old lines can be prone to decay over time. As far as pipes in the home are concerned, their maintenance is best left to a reliable plumber. The most common concern is the build-up of grease, which occurs as a result of gas exposure (all gas will comprise some form of liquid within its properties).

How safe are gas pipes?

Beyond the concern over grease build-up, there’s also the risk of leaks taking place. These events are very uncommon however, and will typically make themselves known within a matter of hours (usually by emitting a faint smell). If you’re concerned then it’s advisable to hire a plumber to take a look at any pipes in question. They can also maintain the connections every now and then to make sure that everything’s functioning as it should be.

Can gas pipes and electrical cables work simultaneously?

Yes. Many homes feature a combination of both energy sources and there’s really no reason why they couldn’t be used together. As long as the pipes are kept separate, so as to minimise the risk of sparks and ignition, a home of any shape or size could enjoy the advantages of both power sources without risk.