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Kids’ bedroom design isn’t the most convenient of things. You do not wish to spend ages redesigning a bedroom when your children are most likely to alter their minds in a couple of years. To assist you to develop a fashionable however likewise classic style, we collect five interior designers to learn the best colours and furnishings for your kid’s room.

Cuddle Up

The pregnancy pillow to rule them all is now offered in a smaller nursing pillow variation. The brand-new edition twists around your waist, supplying the comfiest assistance for baby when breastfeeding, in addition to enhancing your shoulders and neck.

Mirror Mirror

Include some flavour to your wall and summon the spirit of the summer season with a mirror that offered in tones of rose or grey.

Bring the outdoors in

Source: cdn.decoist.com

Adam Watson, head interior designer at Decorelo, states:

‘ The big children’s bedroom trend at the moment is to bring the outside in such as a forest, beach or area style so that your kids’ creativity can cut loose but appear tranquil also. There are some wonderful kids’ beds at the moment such as the Teepee bed, caravan bed and beach hut bed.’

Make it Vintage

Lastly, Jett Hovell, who works with Great Handyman on interior design, states:

‘ In every person’s life, they have youth memories they cherish. And why not? It’s most likely the best years of a person’s life. Why not bring this to your kid’s life and put a classic bed in his or her space. You can also opt for a matching wardrobe. This opt brings a type of a care-free vibe to space.’ ‘This is when you plan your kid’s room for the next ten years ahead. When a kid grows their interests change so typically. That’s why instead of remodelling the space every two years you can choose in for an ageless style. My tip would be to opt for soft, pastel colours and bring the colour in with the bed sheets or the curtains. These can be easily altered to make space feel more fully grown.’

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Last modified: February 22, 2019



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